Cleaning Embroidered Pillows Safely

We’ll introduce embroidered pillows to you. Have you seen a pillow that has a pattern stitched on its fabric? That’s actually an embroidered pillow. These pillows come in a range of patterns. They are also made ??of many materials, such as metal, silk, and wool. Among all popular fabrics, cotton is the most commonly chosen for its base, followed by linen and silk. Since luxurious materials are used to make them, there are specific rules that must be followed to clean them safely. You can not clean them arbitrarily as it will cause damage.

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Here are important steps in cleaning an embroidered pillow. You have to suck the dust off of its surface first. For this task, a vacuum cleaner is required. Make sure the hose nozzle is not attached to its surface while you run the device over it. Next, you need to do what we call as colorfastness testing. These pillows usually have a lot of ornaments, so you need to be careful while cleaning them up. Many of them have large blocks of color. If you have one, wipe it with a cloth or cotton.

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Using water will lead to discoloration, so do it carefully. If the colors fade, it will not look colorful anymore. Hand washing should be avoided or you will really damage the pillow. This not only fades the color of the ornaments, but also damages its fabric. You can use a dry cleaning kit instead of water. If you still want to use water, please choose the distilled version. Otherwise, your piece will get dirty. It happens because the minerals in the water affect the color of the ornaments.

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After all the previous steps, you need to dry it. Treat it gently, like don’t try to wring it out. Silk is an expensive material, so you have to treat it with all gentleness. A towel is the better option. Use it to absorb the water stored inside the pillow. You can also gently press the water out. Let it dry thoroughly and you can use it again.

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