Creating Moroccan Themed Bedroom

One of the bedroom decorating ideas is the Moroccan themed bedroom which is as a matter of fact you can create it on your own with just several easy to do steps. First step to do is to paint the bedroom wall in such warm color tone. It is important things to really bring the Moroccan exotic and rich interior feeling inside your bedroom. The recommended color to be used is cinnamon red or saffron gold which is very common in Morocco.


Second step to do in creating Moroccan bedding of your own is to paint the ceiling as well. Just imagine a white plain ceiling inside a rich colored room which is absolutely no good. You can either use the same color as the wall or pick a different shade from the same family as the wall color. Different shade of the ceiling color will easily bring depth and drama to the room itself which is great.

Third thing to do is to deal with the piece of furniture that you already have. Look at any piece that you can alter to really match the Moroccan style. The common idea of the Moroccan furniture is the dark wood color. Recolor the furniture that you have which you think could go well for the Moroccan theme. On the other hand for other piece of furniture that you think just cannot get along with Moroccan theme, bring it to second-hand furniture store for extra cash or change them to another piece of furniture.


Last thing to do is accessorizing the bedroom. You will have to make sure to get the accessories in the same color tone as the whole bedroom color tone itself. Several recommended accessories to busy are including rugs, curtains, lamps, candles, fabric, knick-knacks, and also cushions. Those are several easy steps that you can do to create your own Moroccan themed bedroom.


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