Decorating Your Home Theater on a Budget

The urge of having the upgrading look in a house becomes everyone’s desire. Starting from changing the outdoor appearance by getting patio, changing the interior and furniture in a house until make over the garage door are done to get things settled based on the homeowners’ preference. When it comes to inside the house, people often concern on choosing the luxurious furniture so that the glamorous feeling will be clearly seen. One common way to do that is by installing a home theater – which often seen as an expensive and luxurious furniture. Well actually, you can decorate your home theater on a budget if you know what should be done. These are several ways to have dreamy home theaters which can be suited with your budget.


Placement of Home Theater. Let’s be honest, the most common way to place home theater in a house is in a solid wood cabinet which needs a lot of money to buy. But don’t worry, let’s change the solid wood cabinet with a velvet curtains that comes with a valance. It is used for frame the TV and its equipment. Compared to solid wood cabinet, the velvet curtain is less expensive. Try to get deep colors such as burgundy or purple to get better sensation while watching the movie.


Hang Theater-Nuance Stuffs in Your Wall.   Look for items which are associated to Movie Theater into your wall. The paintings on old movie reels, popcorns and candy are some possible alternative to hang on the wall. Try to match the posters with your style and get your own theater.


Theater-Inspired Seating.  If you have more budgets left, try to have theater-inspired seating to get more theater feeling inside your house. Getting a complete package of theater seats with lighting and movie-themed rugs and LCD will be a great idea for those who have more budgets.

So, decorate your home theater on a budget and get the real feeling of theater inside your house. Prepare to be the envy of your neighbors.


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