Eco Furniture Buying Guide

Recently, the trend of using eco design for a house has become a main talk among the society. Starting from the decoration until the furniture, everything is done following the eco-friendly environment. Not all of materials can be considered as eco-friendly furniture so it becomes the job of the homeowners to be smartly decide which furniture should be added to the house in order to get the right atmosphere of eco-friendly. And for those who are still clueless about how to choose the right furniture, these are eco furniture buying guide that can help you.


Try to Get Bamboo-Made Furniture. When you want to have an eco-friendly environment, try to get furniture made from bamboo. Well, it is not made from wood but it looks similar and it does not have any problem with pesticides.


Get Home Furniture with Wood Organic Label. Another alternative to have eco-friendly environment is by using furniture made from wood as its basic materials. These several home furniture that usually have wood organic can be a great option for you.

  1. Mattresses

Most organic mattresses are usually made from latex cores and wrapped in wool or cotton. Other than that, conventional mattresses are made from organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex.

  1. Upholstered Furniture

Try to get sofas and chairs which made from organic fabrics and stuffed with natural latex foam.

  1. Futons.

Mattresses are quite expensive so futons can be the alternative to it.


Consider Local Furniture.  Look for locally produced furniture shop near your house which sells furniture made from wood, organic wool and cotton and recycled fabrics. These shops usually offer eco furniture for your house.

Go Vintage.  The last option to get an eco-friendly environment is get vintage furniture to decorate the house. Some people said that vintage is all about old furniture while others might have different point of view. Well, it is all about antiqueness. Go and value the furniture by yourself.

These are eco furniture buying guide that can help you getting the new and refreshing atmosphere inside your house. Go and try it.


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