Hillside Landscaping-Proper Watering

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To take care of the plant in the hillside landscaping is not as easy as you think. There are several things that you should patiently concern to. One of the things is the proper watering. Sometimes, you get your plant dry even though you watering it every day. There are some little tricks that you should know to the hillside landscaping, especially for the proper watering in this kind of landscaping.


Before knowing the tricks about proper watering in the hillside landscaping, you should know why it needs special way of watering. Plants need enough water to make them grow well. Water is also used to strengthen their root. Soil absorbs the water to be distributed to the plants. If the soil cannot absorb the water well, the plant will not grow well. This is what usually happens in the hillside landscaping. Water cannot be absorbed well into the soil because it runs off down side. Soil needs some particular time to absorb the water, but when it happens in the hillside landscaping, soil has not enough time.

The problem is only on the time. Soil needs extra time to absorb the water. You can consider its need by making a short time of watering cycle. You can defy your watering cycle into three until four period in watering time. For example when your watering time is 40 minutes, then split it into three or four times watering time. So you will be watering in 10 minutes in a four times.


This watering cycle is used to complement the soil needs. When you watering in 40 minutes once, you will have a lot of water runoff down side. But when you defied it into four times in every 10 minutes watering, the soil will have enough time to absorb the water to supply the need of your plants.


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