Home Decorating: Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Look at your bedroom and living room, it may already looked beautiful with such decorations and fancy furniture. But sometimes you miss another important element of your house which is bathroom. Some people feel it hard when it comes to bathroom, especially if it has small size. But it does not mean you can let your bathroom plain without any decorations. Here are some tips for home decorating: small bathroom makeover on a budget.


Proper Design.  Before you work in decorating the bathroom, you have to understand the proper design for small space. Consider the colors and fixtures which work best in small room. The first tip for home decorating: small bathroom makeover on a budgetis placing glass for shower door to allow the eye to see through it. For color, one-color scheme works better in small spaces rather than putting many colors inside. By then you do not need to pull out much money to decorate the bathroom since you only need glass and one-colored paint or tile.


Storage.  You will need a place for towels and toiletries inside the bathroom. Put closed storage inside to make it looks tidier, instead of opened shelve. Or you can pick some saving-space furniture like collapsible hooks, hanger or hampers. If the size is too minimum, you can redesign some furniture like mirror or glass to hold your stuffs inside the bathroom.


Keep it simple.   The important thing in home decorating: small bathroom makeover on a budgetis you have to keep the small space simple, since too many details will muddle your small bathroom. Choose simple furniture and scheme to decorate your bathroom, such as glass shower door or pocket door. As an addition, neutral color such as soft green, grays and whites work well in small spaces so it will looks simple and pretty.  Room makeover does not always need high cost, prepare some money to buy useful things to be placed inside your small spaces and do not be afraid to decorate it.


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