How to Combine Styles in Any Room: Rules to Follow

What people usually do is having one theme in a room, or even for the entire house from the entrance to the kitchen. Some may think that it will be boring, and wonder what if they combine some styles to be applied in a room—to create a-not-dull room. But, how to combine styles in any room? It is needed to keep in mind that combing styles is not easy, especially this is about the interior of a room. Some rules must be follow to create a unique but nicely combined style for the interior of the room.

room style combine

Carefully Choose Styles to Combine.  The first rule in how to combine styles in any room is choosing two styles which is not contradict to each other. This very basic rule is very reasonable since we are not going to create a strangely combined room; we are going to use and stay so that the room must be comfortable for us. A contradiction may come when you have your old Victorian sofa but you want to decorate the entire room in modern minimalist style. The classic style like Victorian is rich of details, in contrast to the simplicity in modern design. Rustic wooden style seems to fit the minimalist design better in this case.

combine room style

Let Them Blend. In organizing the furniture, do not stick by arranging based on each style—for example by having this one style in this side of the room and the other style in the opposite side. No! Just naturally mix them up, such as arrange your old and traditional knick knacks on the top of the cabinets you got from your grandma and stuffs like that.

modern room

Neutrality.  How to combine styles in any room but you don’t want it to be too much?  When combining some style together, you need to lower the ‘tense’ between those two. One simple way to do that is adding neutral color in some spots to neutralize the combination of the two styles. No matter how good you combine the style, the eyes also need a rest.


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