Ideas Of Furniture Arrangement For Large Living Room

Furniture arrangement for large living room should be creative. People face a dilemma when they have to decorate a big living room. They do not know what to do with a very big dimension. If you make it look bare, it will be useless for you to have a big living room. You have to use every inch in the space wisely. You can have the living room decorated with modern, traditional, Japanese, art deco, bohemian, or even American colonial design.

furniture arrangement for living room

You do not have to choose modern design since the big space makes you free to decide the interior design. It is okay for you to make the appearance in the living room busy and vibrant. You can make it look smaller by using dark color on the wall. You can apply wooden brown, orange, hunter green or even cobalt blue. Those colors remind you with the traditional living room design. Now you have to notice on the furniture arrangement for large living room. You can divide the living room in some spots for different function. The middle area in the big living room should be the main spot that you can use to entertain the guests when they visit you.



It can be graced with modular furniture if you have a modern design. On the other hand, you can have the Chippendale furniture with an ornate sofa for decorating a Victorian or gothic house design. Add a crystal chandelier above the furniture. Since the living room is big, you will have a left space surrounding the main seating area. If your family loves to play a piano, you can set it here. Pick the big one in classic design to support the Victorian feeling in the living room. You can have a black lacquer piano to grace the decoration in furniture arrangement for large living room.

furniture for large living room

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