Knowing of the Traditional Japanese House

When knowing the unique style of Traditional Japanese House, people will wonder how great the architectural design in this style of the house. The main concept of brought by this house is the simplicity. It means that a single room can be used for several occasions such as for the bedroom, for the dining room, or even for the studying room. For supporting all functions into the single design, the portable furniture will be placed for making everything easy to arrange.


The other unique style of the traditional house in Japan is the special place for putting the shoes. When entering the house, there is a storage which is out near the door, it functions as the place for putting the shoes. Then the guest will move to the higher floor in the house, the floor design is made into the different height among one room to the others. So, for every moving, there should be a change for the sandal.


The park outside the Traditional Japanese House is different from the western model. Of people make everything in the symmetrical design, Japanese park design is not. The park designers make everything asymmetrically. Even people can find the focal point in the middle of the design that is not the strongest point in the park. That is only an extra design for making the park different.


After knowing the description of the Traditional Japanese House, those ideas can be brought into the other countries where the simple life is the main idea to have. Those simplicities are reflected into the feature of the house. As the function of the house is for serving the owners to stay relaxed, there should be some additional design inside. Japan marks this as the simple accessories for every item in the house. Can it inspire you?


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