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Having a great lawn and garden in your house is the only dream for you, the outdoor lovers. You might dream about the beauty landscape, the great and leafy plantation, and also the clean of your lawn or garden. However, people might think that this is such a difficult thing to make them come true. People are easily given up toward their lawn and garden, but not again until you know these simple tips to make it real. All you need to do now is by following this simple success things to make the dream garden comes true.


The first main key to make your beautiful lawn and garden is absolutely the soil. You can grow all the things there if you have a great quality of soil in your lawn and garden. The only way that you need to do is fertilize your lawn and garden and process the soil in a right way. Before fertilizing the soil, you need to do is processing it. Make your lawn and garden soil friable using such hoe or other gardening tools that you can use. Spread the fertilizer, and then mix it with the gardening tools once again.


The second main key is by making your plants healthy. Keep the plants healthy by watering it regularly. This will avoid them from the dry and keep them fresh. Do not also forget to weed the wild plats which can disturb the growth of your plants. The last things to make the plants healthy and fast growing is by fertilize them in a regular time. Do not give too much fertilizer or give them too little. Give the right amount to keep the plants growing well.

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The last but not least is by keeping your lawn and garden clean and good looking. You might find the thicker grass which will grow in the soil. The maximum height of the growing grass in your lawn is for about three inches. So, make sure that you cut it regularly to keep your lawn and garden looks clean and tidy.


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