Maintenance of Natural Fiber Carpets

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The wool is the most expensive and the luxurious fiber in the daily use for the natural fiber carpet. It owns the advantage over the synthetic but costs more. Because of the natural fiber carpet price and several other drawbacks, the wool carpet reflects just about 2% of U.S. market. The wool fiber carpet is created from the hair of sheep with the New Zealand wool that is considered the finest. There are also some other countries that produce the sheep wools. But the best wool is from New Zealand. This country produces wools with the high quality. So many carpet manufacturers import wools material from it.


But the natural fiber carpet is hard maintenance. It usually needs the professional cleaner to do the careful job for natural fiber carpet. The fiber owns several stain resistances, but the wool can take the protein based stain, such as the meat juice and the blood. It rescans to dye stain too, such as the tea, the coffee, and the wine. Because of the way the wool fiber ties the light, it seems to hide the dirt. This is one of the advantages of wool carpet. Although it is sensitive to some dirt, it also has an ability to hide that dirt because it can bend the light in the room.


The resistance of natural fiber carpet to fire is another advantage. While the synthetic carpet can get melted and burned, the wool chars, but it does not burn. It can be the good option if the cigarette burn is the concern. Because it is the natural fiber, the wool is the sustainable material. It owns the good insulating property. It takes and releases the moisture that serves as the natural humidifier. We do not need to use a tool or do something to make it moisturized because it can absorb and publish naturally.


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