Modern Apartments for Ample Design

Feel the ample design in a small apartment if you choose the modern apartments design. Many people think that living in an apartment is not comfortable. If you can apply the right decor, you can keep it big and ample. The decoration in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen can be placed in open floor design. It can avoid the smaller effect in the room. You need to avoid the traditional design on the apartment because it does not support the small dimension in the apartment.

modern-apartmens- ample-design

modern apartments

The modern bedroom in the modern apartments can be decorated with a platform bed, shelves and simple dresser. You can have it decorated with a carpet on the floor so that you can walk here with bare feet. When decorating the bed, you can choose the simple white bedding. The living room can be the focal point in the open floor design. You can have a seating space filled with a coffee table with some chairs and a long sofa to entertain the guests. Avoid any clutter in the living room to bring neat and relaxing feeling.

ample design apartments

You can choose the furniture pieces in contemporary design because this style is clean, sleek and never consume much space. If you want to make it natural and fresh, the window sill in the living room can be decorated with plants and flowers. Now look at the style in the modern kitchen. You can fill the room with stainless steel material for the appliances and pieces. The kitchen cabinet can be in contemporary look with more shelves. You can explore the placement for high tech features such as fridge, dish washer or even juicer. You can set a simple kitchen island which can be used as a place to dine with family. If you live alone, you just have a small dining table with bistro chairs in modern apartments.

study-room-with-a-modern-ample design

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