Mulch Is Mother Nature’s Blanket

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Having the garden near your home can be the best ideas to get the fresher air and environment and also to get fresh vegetables and fruits that you have planted. Indeed, in modern home design, the garden, patio, park and home yard ideas are the most loved features of the home that should be installed and designed seriously and beautifully. For the gardening, mulching is the most important one that need to be understood well.


Indeed, the mulching will keep the weed with blocking the sunlight and it will allow all of the weeds to germinate. Mulch also will moisturize the soil so the soil will also be wet and keep it from dying. This is the usage or benefit the mulch that will help the seeds of vegetables and fruits will grow up healthy and normally because the water needs for the seed will be fulfilled.


Do you know how to do the mulching? If you have no ideas at all about this mulching then you are better to follow the ideas below for sure. The first idea is the mulch material should be distributed to the depth that is about 3 or 5 inches. If the material that you have is rough, you will need more the depth. Second is the mulch should be placed around the plants. This is an easy step to do.


Third step is moistening that mulch. If you want to mulch the shrubs or trees, it is better to keep the distance between the mulch and the tree for about 5 to 10 inches. It is also better to choose the wood mulch. It is because the wood mulch will keep cool the soil and also it will maintain the temperature of the soil. So this is the best way to gardening. If you have no idea at all, you can watch the video.



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