Narrow Living Room Layout Tips

In dealing with such narrow or small sized living room you will definitely need these narrow living room layout tips to maximize the functionality of the room itself along with its visual style. First thing to pay attention is to choose such lightweight furniture visually. Lightweight furniture in visual way means that every piece of furniture could either be heavy or light because of its color scheme. Furniture in light color will definitely gives a lightweight accent compared to dark wood colored furniture.


Another thing to do is to play along with the vertical space of the room. In such narrow living room layout design the use of floor to ceiling cabinets or even draperies for the windows could means a lot. It will emphasize the height of the room over the wide or length of the room making it appears to be a bit larger.


Aside of the visually lightweight furniture, you are recommended to use small furniture pieces all over the room. One clear example is to choose small sized living room seating set that will leave a bit of remaining empty space inside the room which making the room looks bigger. It is recommended to go for armless chair to deal with such narrow spaced living room.



Another easy thing to do in dealing with such narrow space living room is to play the color scheme. You can either go for the all white color scheme from the wall, floor, and all furniture pieces or use the neutral color scheme. Both of them could emphasize the bigger size of the room compared to any other color scheme. Furthermore the white or neutral color scheme could be better in combination with excessive light. More lights mean the larger feel of the room which is a nice idea of the narrow living room layout.


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