Outdoor Dining Set for 4 People

Outdoor furniture is an essential component to adorn your home exteriors. You can choose an outdoor dining set for 4 people. This set is quite small and doesn’t fit a large family. If you have a small family, then this set is the most comfortable one. Pick the right design and shape. Outdoor and indoor dining sets are no different in terms of usability. Both are used to serve meals and drinks.

outdoor dining set for 4

outdoor dining set for 4 2

outdoor dining set for 4 guests

If you love partying by the poolside, then there should be at least 1 dining set there. If you frequently invite many of your friends, then it is advised to have a bigger set. A dining set can be very heavy if it is made ??of solid materials. Hardwood is good for this furniture, but it is quite heavy, making it hard to move around. Wicker is a great solution. Do not ask its durability as it falls in the same category as wood. Wicker is just as strong as wood yet it is much lighter.

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Next, you must choose the right shape. Square dining sets are really nice. A 4 piece dining set is perfect with this shape. A rectangular shape is more suitable for a larger set consisting of 6 chairs or more. A round shape is also a common choice. Its round shape lets everyone reach different dishes on the table easily. If you choose a round table, make sure that its diameter is not too long or short. Each person should be able to reach each dish on the table. Since you put the set outdoors, give it proper maintenance.

outdoor dining set for 4 4

outdoor dining set for 4 5

outdoor dining set for 4 chairs

Wicker is a strong material indeed, but it is prone to water damage. If your wicker set is constantly exposed to rain and sun one after another, it will break down sooner or later. One good idea to extend the life of your dining set is by covering it up. The cover can be made from a water-resistant fabric. Another easy solution is to put the furniture inside when not in use. Certain metals are also weather resistant. If you want to choose these materials, you would want to coat them for a better strength.

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