Persian Antique Carpets: Timeless Historic Carpets

Antique carpets are actually various from types, kinds, values and other elements which make antique rugs are totally rich. Then, if you want to add the touch of Middle East culture, you can use Persian classic rugs for your house. Persian carpets are actually included in oriental rugs which were firstly made in Iran, called as Persian because formerly Iran is known as Persia.


These carpets are totally historic and highly artistic and so aesthetic which is top ranked among antique carpets in this world. Persian carpets are produced in some places in Middle East such as Ghom, Mashad, Isfahan, Kashan, Kashmar, Nain, Shizar and other places which are still kept the tradition and characteristic of Persian carpets.

Then, it makes sense to say that Persian carpet is one from antique carpets which are so expensive and prestigious for its historic and cultural elements. The durable materials such as wool, silk and also cotton are used for these carpets. You may choose one of three Persian carpets types those are Farsh the largest size, then Qalichen and also Gelim. All of those are particularly fantastic and amazing which can elevate your house values.


Many characteristics of Persian carpets make antique Persian rugs value are so high and expensive even priceless. The characteristic such as the hand knotted which is so brilliant and artistic. Then, an unusually thick pile which is up to 160 knots / square inch, the extreme color combination in the rugs makes the Persian carpets look so rich and aesthetic, then its unique designs also take a big role in the expensiveness. Antique carpets which are totally prestigious are different with others, as you may see from Persian carpets which each design of each carpet is different. It means that no Persian carpets which has same design with other carpet.


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