Remodeling a Bathroom on a Budget

The bathroom is an essential part of a house. Many people spend their time in the bathroom. The room is not only for bathing, but also to calm your mind and have a rest. Remodeling a bathroom can be so costly, but we will share tips on how to do it with a minimal budget. Pay attention to the lights in your bathroom. If you are installing fluorescent lights there, it’s time to replace them with new pendant lights. The bathroom is supposed to be a place adorned with ornaments that please the eyes.

remodeling a bathroom 4

remodeling a bathroom

tips for remodeling a bathroom

Reinstalling the bathroom with light fixtures can make a difference. To beautify the lights, you can add steel or nickel finishes. They look great in the bathroom since they have warm tones. The floors should be the center of attention as well. Flooring ornaments are not necessarily pricey. If you want to use a new material for the floors, you can install ceramic. Porcelain and marble for flooring may look fabulous, but these materials are not quite affordable. We suggest you try Dura ceramic tiles because they are practical and beautiful. Don’t worry! It won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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Vinyl is another good option, not only because it is cheaper, but it also looks fine on the floors. However, vinyl is not that durable, so being exposed water is a big problem for this material. Hang a mirror on the bathroom wall is also a good alternative for budget decorating. While remodeling a bathroom is so troublesome sometimes, the use of certain elements could simplify your task. Putting a mirror in the bathroom will make the room look more spacious. Most importantly, it will not break your bank.

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remodeling a bathroom 5

remodeling a bathroom: mirror

Conventional designs like framed mirrors can be put aside this time. To create the illusion of a bigger space, you’d better go with a frameless mirror. If you don’t quite like that, a framed mirror can still be an option but choose one with modern finishes. Incorporating natural elements can also save much money. We live side by side with nature, then why don’t you take advantage of what the nature has provided? Natural rocks, sand, sea shells, there are many natural things that can be used to decorate the bathroom. Well, that’s how to remodel on a budget.

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