Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom is the room which can be said as the most used room in the house, and we cannot live without it. For that reason, the equipment in the bathroom tend to be easily broken and the color easily fade away. In addition, we may also get bored with the same style in the bathroom. The idea of remodeling the bathroom comes up—yet, the limited budget becomes the main obstacles. Remodeling your bathroom on a budget is not a myth, you can do it but still gives a different touch to your new bathroom look.


The first thing in remodeling your bathroom on a budget is check every detail in your bathroom. Look for any broken tiles, shower, or faucet. Check thoroughly your shower curtain’s color—is it faded? By take a look at the surrounding carefully, you can check which one which need to be changed or not. If there are some broken equipment, replace it with the new look that can be a point in your remodeling project. If all of them are okay, there are some things that you can change.


Change Your Shower Curtain.  It is big and eye catching; once one enter the bathroom, it can be seen surely. If you use shower curtain, not the glass pane—curtain is the easy things to be changed. Rather than stuck in plain color, you can replace it with patterned shower curtain. The colorful one can greatly improve the ambiance of your bathroom.


Let’s Repaint the Wall. One fundamental look in a room is the wall. Replacing the tiles will not be efficient and cost much money—especially if the tiles are not broken and you just want to change it as a part of the remodeling project. Choose a new color for bathroom which can be match easily with the bathroom’s tools. To make it easier you can start with the color which is close to the color of the tiles.


Small but Significant.  In remodeling your bathroom on a budget. You can also start with small things like replacing the hook and bars, lighting, and faucet. You can also add a pot of plants or flowers in the bathroom to give a fresher look.


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