Removing Pet Stain Right Ways

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The greatest tip is for removing pet stain and potty spot on the carpet. We can take the good old vinegar for removing pet stain and the baking soda. The step is the crucial part. We should use enough vinegar to soak the stain and then add the small amount of baking soda. If we make the reverse, we will find the noisy and the bubbly mess. We should do these steps correctly. We should do what must be done at first and the second step. We are not allowed to do the reverse. We should remember the steps well. This is the starting point to cleanse our carpet.


We should be removing pet stain the right way and we can listen to the recipe cackling away, telling us how it cleans and deodorize without leaving every residue. We need to allow the spot dry for one day or 2 days before cleaning up pet stain and then vacuuming. We should not sweep it when it is still wet. We should wait for it dry. It needs about a day to dry. Some others need two days to dry. It depends on the carpet material and the temperature. The hotter condition, the quicker it will dry. We should be patient to wait for it.


We close for removing pet stain with the bowl or the plate so that we do not have baking soda kicked from the heck to the breakfast. We can find the yellow color that is absorbed up into the little mountain of baking soda. It also goes on the old stain. Baking soda can work both on a new stain or an old stain. So we can use it for any stain we have on our carpet. All stains will be cleaned up well. No matter how the stain we have is, we can use baking soda for cleaning up.


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