Romantic Classic Home Interior Decoration

The only way to create such romantic classic home interior decoration is to use the famous and timeless Victorian design. In using this particular home interior design there are several basic things that need to be remembered. First one is the color scheme of this design. The main idea of the Victorian design is the use of Tertiary colors. The Tertiary colors are the equal mixture of primary and also secondary colors.


Furthermore just as many people are aware of such classic design, it has always deal with pattern. It is true that the romantic Victorian home décor is also dealing with the use of pattern. Every part of the Victorian home will be covered by such complex pattern. Luxurious fabrics, multiple patterned wallpapers, and also different rugs in every part of the Victorian style interior are very common. It often feels excessive compared to the simple modern interior decorating yet it is actually a very comfortable design to feel.


Now as the important part is of course creating the romantic side of the Victorian classic design. Turrets and also gargoyles are two examples of the things shown European fairy tales accent which leads to the romantic aspect of this design. Exotic trimmings, lush fabrics, along with sensually carved furniture pieces are other signs of the romantic side of the Victorian design.


Last thing that is also important in the Victorian design is the opulence in design which is often considered as excessive. The wealth of the Victorian people is shown to the use of such massive furniture pieces along with the accessories as well. Expensive pieces of furniture or patterns are used by those people. For those who cannot really afford the expensive things they will try to d imitations of the items. Those are some of the basic ideas in the romantic classic home interior which is the Victorian design.



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