Small Narrow Living Room Ideas with Modern Home Design

The modern home design is perfect to apply on small narrow living room ideas. Even though the shape of the living room is not in square shape, you can make it look fine and nice if you know the right layout for arranging the living room furniture. We know that it is actually difficult to decorate. But you can make it balanced if the style of the furniture is perfect. You need to define the focal point in the living room. You can use the fireplace place area if the room is equipped with it. Or you can set a wall mounted fountain.

modern narrow living room with kitceh

The people who have an indoor fountain on the wall can place the furniture to face the fountain in small narrow living room ideas. The focal point is used to attract the attention of the people when they stay in the room. The wall can be decorated with wall arts. If the narrow living room comes in long dimension, you can divide it in two or three smaller parts. You can use it as an entertaining room, a study room and a reading room. The living room will be more functional if you decorate it with more purposes.

narrow living room


To separate each zone in the narrow living room, you can set an area rug or carpet. It can be made on Persian rug to enjoy the classic and ethnic design. The rectangular carpet makes the room warm and cozy. Avoid the dark wall color in the living room for it can create gloomy appearance. You can place the light tons of white, beige, tan and beige to carry bigger look. The people who love to enjoy relaxing feeling can decorate the small and narrow living room with olive green. You can pair it with brown finished furniture and purple colored accessories in small narrow living room ideas.

small apartamen with narrow room


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