The Basic Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

These mobile home decorating ideas are the basic ideas that could give you a maximum mobile home both in functionality and also in style. First thing to pay attention is the wall part. It is recommended to remove the strips of vertical molding to create an accent that you are in an actual home not a mobile home. You can do it by applying joint compound to texture the entire wall then paint it. Another easy way is to use rich hue paint then apply the paint that will make the stripes fade in the background.


Second part to pay attention is the kitchen area. Simple thing to do to renew the kitchen look is by changing the knobs all over the kitchen area. It is easy to do and cheap as well. Furthermore you might want to remove the below sink door to soften the cupboard look. Replacing the doors of upper cupboard with fabric or glass is also another one of the mobile home design ideas for a better kitchen look.


Bathroom would be the third important part to pay attention in your mobile home. It is true and common that mobile homes’ bathroom is always small. You can try to enlarge the room visually by using soothing color as the paint. You can also use a monochromatic room design for the bathroom that will easily enlarge the small bathroom visually. Make sure not to place or store things that are not bathing equipment inside for emptier space which means larger space accent.


Last thing is to deal with the bedrooms. Be sure to choose bed that does not have large size so that it could fit well within the available space inside your mobile home. Make sure also that it does not obstruct the traffic inside the mobile home. Lower bed is recommended for the mobile home decorating ideas.


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