The Guides of Small Apartment: Living Room, Dining Room, Combo

There are several easy guides on the small apartment living room dining room combo that will ensure the maximum style of it as well as the functionality. First one is the use of flowing furniture style from one room to another room. Some people might think that it would be better to have totally different style of furniture for each room. This could be true and great idea for huge house but not for small apartment where the space is possibly just one huge space for all different rooms without such room separator. Make sure to have the same styled furniture for the whole different type of room to enhance the flowing design.


Next thing to pay attention in the small apartment dining room living room combo is the color scheme. It is very much recommended to use the same color scheme for the room having two accented color. Different shades of one color is always a great option but it would still be okay of you plan to use two totally different color as long as they are looking good.


Another important thing is to use the same flooring materials for the room. Having two different flooring materials will add a disjointed accent for the room which you really want to avoid for sure. If you are insisting in using different materials at least pick the same color tone of the flooring for better look.


Last thing is to pick two different secondary colors to accentuate the two rooms so that they are not too closely matching yet not too different as well. One secondary color should be used to accentuate the living room only while the other should only be used in the dining room. You will have a flowing design from the primary color of the wall and flooring while also having a different accent given by the secondary colors for better small apartment living room dining room combo design ideas.


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