The Pros and Cons of Traditional Futon Beds

Wednesday, March 4th 2015. | Bedroom Furniture

Futon Beds    Traditional futon beds come with pros and cons which you can use as consideration when you are going to purchase them. From pros, a traditional futon bed comes with a very multifunctional design because you can fold it away and then put it neatly in your closet. It means that it will work well for small bedroom because at day, you can place a table in the middle of the bedroom and at night, you can replace it with the multifunctional futons.traditional Futon Beds ideas

Other pros from traditional futon beds are the irressitable comfort and safety. The traditional futon beds usually have three parts those are Shikibuton (two futons are laid directly on floor), Kakebuton (the blanket) and Makura or pillow. Then, it is so comfortable to sleep on futon because it is a quite firm mattress which will give you nice sleep. Then, it is also safe, especially for kids because this bed is indeed laid on the floor.Traditional Futon Beds

Still, traditional futon beds have some lacks. First is the troublesome maintenance. When we sleep on the futon, we perspire and the futon will absorb it. Then, you should to air out this futon, especially the Shikibuton in the sun. It is also easy to get dusty so you should hitting the futons on the balcony or the yard to get rid the dust because if you ignore it, it will cause some health disease for sure, especially for skin and perspiration.Pros and Cons of Traditional Futon Beds

Then, traditional futon beds require you to have large storage because you cannot store your futons on the small drawers or closets. You should have large closet just like the Nobita and Doraemom have in their bedroom. Furthermore, it is quite troublesome to put the bed on closet and lay it out at night on the daily basis. Definitely, you cannot take any spontaneous nap.The Pros and Cons of Traditional Futon Beds

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