Tips for Cleaning Old Wood Furniture

Cleaning old wood furniture is somewhat tricky. Wood is basically a strong material, but it would be damaged through wear and tear. Some common issues related to wood furniture are streaks and chemicals. If you have a lot of wooden pieces at home, the following tips would be helpful to clean them all. One easy way to clean stains on wood furniture is to use a damp cloth. You can use chemicals, but make sure they are specially designed for wood.

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The natural solution to fight stubborn stains on wood furniture is lemon oil. You need to apply it to each of your furniture before cleaning its surface with a damp cloth. What you should avoid is using furniture polish. Wood is not really resistant to water. Water can damage wood in the long run. That is why you are advised not to put wood furniture outdoors when it rains. You also should not put it in a humid room, such as in the bathroom and other areas.

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Daily maintenance is very important to keep your furniture fresh and brand new. Please wipe down all the cabinets, chairs, tables, and other pieces at least once a week. Do not be too harsh while wiping down the cloth as it can cause damage to the furniture. You can try a reusable rag instead of a cloth. Another alternative is a paper towel. Lemon oil is useful to keep humidity in your furniture. That could enhance color as well.

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how to restore dry wood furniture

If you have lots of wooden pieces, you need to rub them all with this oil. Do not do it too often, once in 3 months is enough. Polish is not that good compared to oil. It can create a dull coating which looks not good at all. Frequent application of polish can make colors fade away. The way to clean furniture should be specific to the type of wood. Cleaning a chair made ??from cherry is a little different than cleaning a teak chair.

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