Utilizing Granite Tile for the Basic of Floor Installation

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Utilizing granite tile for the basic of wall installation is the right choice. Among the entire stone product, granite is the most colorful and beautiful tile work. Granite tile will completely beautify your house and protect your floor from the hot heat and the pressure creation of the quartz. All of the process and element of the granites makes it provides in the scratch resistant surface in the heavy and hard design, which takes the huge of abuse.


Granite tile was installed in the similar other tile in the house. The exception is in the sealed and that is very heavy materials. Granite uses the solid rock for covering the entire element. The enough supporting of the substrate is supplying the critical installation of the granite tile. Since the heavy element of the granite tile, installing granite tile need some consideration of the secured wall which will be placed.


Installing granite tile is similar to other tile installation. After making layout, dry fitting the file cut together, use the thin-set with a notched trowel. For gaining the grouting spacing, you can use plastic spacer. When granite tile is dry, you can start grouting. Mix the grout like the direction for achieving the creamy peanut butter light consistency. Use the clean sponge wiping the grout. After dried, seal the granite tiles with granite tile sealant for avoiding stains.


Granite is the popular tile for gaining the durability and hardness materials. it can be used in the various ways for the wall, counter tops, and flooring. The granite tile gives the beautiful, durable and strong tile which the ability to withstand used. One should be remembered, before installing the granite tiles, put a heavy weight on the moisture. Since it is made by the nature’s own material, you can use the various colors to beautify your house.



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