Wood Furniture Restoration

Wood furniture restoration is an important process if you want to extend the age of your furniture. A wood dining table may survive for decades with proper maintenance. However, it will look worn out over time. To make it fresh and new, you need do something called restoration. Wood is known as a strong material. Provided you take care of it properly, it will withstand wear and tear. Here are some steps involved in restoration.

Wood Furniture Restoration

Wood Furniture Restoration 2

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The first one is called staining wood. This is an easy way to restore the color of your furniture. Each furniture piece is at risk of experiencing discoloration. An item will change color from time to time even though you rarely use it. Discoloration can tell the age of an item, but it certainly looks less appealing in terms of aesthetic. With staining, you can restore the color of your furniture just as before. This process works like magic. With a simple touch, your old item will look brand new. Another thing you need to do is repairing cracks.

Wood Furniture Restoration 3

Cracks are a common issue for furniture. This problem is intensified if you put your furniture under sun exposure. To preserve it, please keep it away from sunlight. If you find cracks all over the furniture, remove them right away. There are many modern techniques that allow you to repair and hide cracks thoroughly. This process will also transform an item into new and beautiful. Wood fillers and putties can be used to eliminate those cracks.

Wood Furniture Restoration 4

Wood Furniture Restoration 5

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Next, please replace your hardware. Each piece of furniture comes with hardware, such as hinges, bolts, knobs, pulls, etc. These accessories will also damage through constant wear and tear. If you can not fix them, just throw and change with new ones. This simple technique is very useful to change the external appearance of your furniture. Go to the hardware store to find new items for your cabinets, drawers, racks, and other pieces in your home. That’s some important steps in furniture restoration.a

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