Wooden Ceiling Designs with Various Styles

Wooden ceiling designs are popular among the people who want to enjoy classic feeling at home. One of the common types of wooden ceiling is created in coffered design. The people who have a country home design can pair the ceiling with wooden beam. It can be made in faux beam if you do not have much time and money to install the real one. Many styles can be applied by using wooden ceiling. You can pick the cathedral ceiling or even vaulted ceiling design. The people who just want to enjoy a simple look on the ceiling can choose wooden paneling to apply on each spot.

wooden ceiling design


It can create rustic effect ion the room. This style is perfect for the people living in a country home design. The wooden plank can be packed on the ceiling in various patterns to create unique effect in wooden ceiling designs. You can have the wooden plank created in brown finish. You can have it inserted with inlay decoration to make the ceiling unique and fun. The hardwood paneling can be made from oak, beech, dark mahogany or even walnut. Decide the budget before you purchase the wooden planks on the stores. The stain or finish of the wooden planks located on the ceiling is various.



You can pick the color based on the mood that you like to perceive. To enjoy rich feeling when you look at the top part of the room, you can choose cherry red wooden color. The people who want to enjoy rich and classic feeling can go with dark coffee brown finish. To enjoy casual and simple design, beige or cream panel is perfect. The size for panel should be determined. If you want quick installation on the ceiling, you can go with large wooden ceiling designs.

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